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Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a form of therapy that uses vibrations of instruments (vibroacoustic therapy) for the purpose of improving emotional and physical wellbeing. Himalayan singing bowls are ancient instruments of the Himalayas that have been used in spiritual and healing rituals for hundreds of years.


Striking Himalayan singing bowls has a healing, balancing and harmonious effect on our being. The techniques used in a sound healing therapy massage in a session with a client are chosen to individual's needs: promoting relaxation, rebalancing, reactivation,... A sound bath (sound healing in a group setting) offers a peaceful experience of deep relaxation connecting the self with the divine. When striking the bowl, a sound and its vibration instantly change our brain's waves to alpha state - a state of deep relaxation. Such vibrations not only evoke a calm and tranquil state of mind, but also influence on the increase of creativity levels in the brain.

Vibroacoustic Therapy has healing impacts on many levels:

energy body - influencing our body's energy field, releasing our emotional tension,

spiritual body - opening energy channels, experiencing spiritual awakening, activating personal transformation,

physical body - massaging organs, rewiring the brain, reducing mental strains, reducing pain and tensions of muscles and more.


1x 60min session £60 or

treatment programme of 5 sessions £250

Sound Healing, short clip

The Sound Healing Therapy benefits:

  • returning to the state of calmness and peace, to our pure natural state of mind, 

  • calming the mind, invoking a deep relaxation of mind, body and soul,

  • reduces levels of stress, anxiety, fatigue,

  • reconnecting with the voice of intuition, to our inner truth, true vision,

  • balances chakras by unblocking energy channels,

  • reduces levels of stress hormones: cortisol, beta-endorphin, ACTH,

  • improves our endocrine system by balancing our glands, 

  • relieves body pain, such as headaches, muscle and joint pain, PMS,...

  • offers relief from insomnia,

  • improves circulation,

  • helps with grounding,

  • helps with detox,

  • lowers blood pressure,

  • one of the best tools for meditation and therapy.

How to prepare for Sound Healing session:

For the session wear comfortable clothes, bring extra warm clothes if you get easily cold. Take off all jewellery, bracelets or rings made of metal.

Warm tea and water will be provided. 

You will be asked to turn off mobile phones during our session, it would be best not to be interrupted by any phone activity. On the day of the session it is recommended to avoid (high if any) intakes of alcohol, sugary foods, tobacco, caffeinated drinks. Refrain yourself from overexertion activities... try to have as calm day as possible.

Prior to the session you will receive a health questionnaire which should be filled out and returned before the start of the session.

For booking or if you have any questions regarding the sound healing session please contact Nusa on to confirm day and time.

Light to you


Sound Frequencies ABCDEFG, short clip

Sound Energy Healing

Singing Bowls from Nepal

Alpha Binaural Beats


Sound Baths &

Sound for Peace Festival (SEMPA)

Exploring ethical principles of Yoga, bringing awareness, change of habits, thoughts, behaviours,... expanding our horizons and thinking deeper about our actions and believes...

Everything is yoga.

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Join us ...

Location: online via Zoom

  Date: Every one or two months, 2021

 Price:  Free event, donations welcome

Donations will be used to produce sound recording materials for our use.



Sound Therapy

Private sessions

Soul therapy is a process designed to enable an in depth experience of several reconnecting techniques; reconnecting with your inner self, true desires, needs and a peaceful state within. 

The techniques used in the session are chosen and shaped to an individual's needs: one of body sensing techniques for greater exploration of our bodily sensations, body work, sound healing, with an aromatherapy gift to take home.

Send us an email for more information.


Location: North London Studio / private setting

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Sessions, classes, workshops are carried out with your safety in mind.

Please note that all types and forms of complementary therapies are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment or care,

nor does it replace proper diagnoses or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Complementary therapies are intended to work side by side with conventional treatment, benefits experienced as a result of the treatments may vary from person to person.

All information or guidance given intended to bring about positive change is made for the client’s consideration.