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your generous donations from you attending a few of my workshops will be donated to a charity. Empowering women and raising humanity are only a few subjects I am passionate about. Below is a brief description of this charity's activity. Feel free to learn more or get involved in its mission. 

I hope to meet you regularly at my educational events and workshops. It is my strong intention to educate public on human challenges by firstly, bringing the awareness of the situation, and secondly, spreading positive energy, hope and bringing strong awareness of our interconnectedness and of the fact that we can all contribute to someone else's relief and wellbeing. 

I am always open to questions, suggestions and collaborations. Fell free to contact me via email: growlightyoga@gmail.com



Project Rato Baltin ~Red Bucket Project in Nepal

Rato Baltin is an ongoing program of participatory photography, sex education and menstrual cups to eradicate Chhaupadi in Nepal, a tradition that considers women and girls impure while menstruating, exposing them to a deadly environment.

2020 is our fourth year working with community health workers, teachers, political leaders and local NGOs to this end. The Project is for girls, boys, women and their communities.


We think that education is the only way to change these deeply held beliefs. With participative photography we invite them to speak about their menstruation, with an important part of the project being the distribution of a healthy and environmentally friendly solution: the menstrual cup.

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What’s the Problem: Chhaupadi

In Nepal, placing menstruating girls and women in sheds or huts is a centuries-old tradition called chhaupadi.

During their periods, women are considered impure, dirty, contaminated and bad luck. They can’t touch their husbands, other family members, water sources, fruit trees, or cattle, among a host of other things. They may only eat beaten rice and salt.

The belief that menstruation is impure is so deep-seated that families overlook extreme risks involved in the practice.

Extreme temperatures expose them to health problems including pneumonia, diarrhea, chest and respiratory tract infection. Every year 3 or 4 women die during this banishment, because of asphyxiation, hypothermia, snakebites or other wild animal attacks, and nobody knows the true numbers of how many are raped.

The practice is supported by community elders, husbands, mothers-in-law, traditional healers, and priests who have a profound influence in the community. Villagers believe that letting menstruating women inside the family house will infuriate the gods, which will have serious consequences for both families and the entire community.

Donations to 

the Red Bucket Project

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All donations received from the workshops

Divine Feminine I and II will be donated to the cause.

Minimum donation is

£9 or €10

The money covers:

1 menstrual health kit

(With translated books + transportation+teaching cost)

Send us an email for more information.

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Read more about the project

If you wish to learn more about the project, its mission and how to get involved, you can get more information on the website:


Documentary: Chhaupadi, Red Bucket- EN - https://online.fairsaturday.org/evento/?id=3072&lang=en

Chhaupadi: Audio Slideshow - EN - https://online.fairsaturday.org/evento/?id=3073&lang=en

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Practice and lived experience of menstrual exiles (Chhaupadi) among adolescent girls in far-western Nepal